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Teachers have powerful stories to tell. This site features fabulous educators who love teaching and are examples of why teaching is a rewarding career.

Inspiring Educators Who Make Teaching a Rewarding Career

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From History Geek to NASA Nerd

From history geek to NASA nerd, Mary Jo Robertson knew she would be out of her element, but that didn’t hold her back from applying for an out-of-this-world experience.

Moore High School Educator Born to Teach

Ask Kelly Leiter why she teaches and she’ll say she was born for teaching. In her first job interview, Mrs. Leiter recalls the principal showing her a large stack of applications. The principal asked, “Why should I hire you instead of these other candidates?” “They want a job,” Mrs. Leiter said. “I was born to…

Cache Educator Chooses Teaching Over Practicing Law

May 17 is National Graduation Tassel Day and POE celebrates Oklahoma’s graduating seniors, as well as the many sponsors like Arletta Stewart who help coordinate graduation and baccalaureate ceremonies. For the past 10 years, Mrs. Stewart has been making sure the seniors at Cache High School experience a memorable graduation. “I love watching the students…