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Teachers have powerful stories to tell. This site features fabulous educators who love teaching and are examples of why teaching is a rewarding career.

Inspiring Educators Who Make Teaching a Rewarding Career

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Macomb teacher wins math award

Sharon Spikes, Macomb Public School teacher, has been selected as this year’s Mathematical Association of America Oklahoma Teacher of the Year at the high school level by the Oklahoma/Arkansas Section of the Mathematical Association of America (OK-AR MAA). Sharon was recognized at the annual section meeting banquet of the OK-AR MAA held at the campus…

“Just Go!”

Often teachers give so much of themselves to their students that there isn’t much left at the end of the day. Energy levels drop and stress increases. That’s where Capitol Hill High School teacher Jessica Dickinson found herself at the end of the school year in 2021.Dickinson decided it was time to make a change. …

A Teacher On and Off the Field

When asked which he enjoys more, being in the classroom or being on the field, POE Board President Tim Whaley answers with ease, “I love being in the classroom.” Whaley began his teaching career 14 years ago in Texas. He first stepped into the classroom at Bray-Doyle, then Duncan. Whaley now works at Rush Springs…