Serving His Country Through Teaching

David Bounds, Little Axe High School History Teacher.

David Bounds couldn’t imagine his life without teaching. He longed to serve his country through the Marine Corps but wasn’t able to due to a medical disqualification. So he sought to find another way to serve my country in another fashion and landed on a teaching career. By never losing sight of focusing on students, David has loved his job for the entirely of his 30-year teaching career. He was named the 2019 Veterans of Foreign Wars (FWV) Teacher of the Year in Oklahoma.

5 thoughts on “Serving His Country Through Teaching

  • You are such an inspiration Mr. Bounds. Thank you for sticking with Little Axe School and enriching the lives of so many students over the years. Never give up teaching, especially with the disrespect that is being displayed in our country these days. Students, parents, teachers and staff love and respect you as well as myself, a former Little Axe Central Office employee.


  • Had the pleasure of being in Mr. Bounds Class 1988-1991. He definitely nurtured my love for our country and the obligation of public service. He was tough but I knew even back then that he cared and wanted to nurture the best in me. Thank you for your years of service and your contribution to our great country!


  • Mr. Bounds was a fabulous teacher. He was my teacher in 1989-1990. It was evident that he had a great respect for our military. Grateful to serve veterans in my current role and its examples like David that teach us that service comes in many forms.


    • I had Mr. Bounds in 04-05. History waz always my favorite class. And he waz one of my favorite teachers. I remember an assignment where he put a bunch of pictures up on his black board all around his writing in the middle a picture says a thousand words. I remember a few who freaked out at first thinking we had to write a thousand word paper. But we only had to write like 300 word. Writing stories for English waz also one of my favorite things to. I ended up writing over 1200 words on a picture of a couple of holocaust victims standing behind a fence at Auschwitz. I hhad alot of fun writing that paper and i waz really proud of it. The next day after turning it in he held me back at the end of class and after he looked me right in my eyes and asked if i had written it. I toldhim ya of course but i could tell he waz looking for any hint of deception on my part. He is one of those ones that can spot a lie from a mile away i think Lol i guess he believed me tho cuz his face kinda relaxed and then he suprised me and asked if he could enter it in a writing competition at the fairgrounds. I waz already proud of the story. But i didnt think it waz that good. I dont remember what if any place i got but ill always remember that. Always. So thank you Mr. Bounds for being an exceptional teacher and an even more exceptional person. Thank you thank you thank you


  • Was never a high school student with Mr. Bounds but he is still my favorite history teacher. He has taught all our children and I hope he is there to teach my grand children. I’m so proud to call him my friend.


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