Teaching: Something Much Bigger than Yourself

Teaching wasn’t Sarah Hicks first career choice, but it has become her calling. And to this day, she still wonders how she got so lucky to be a teacher. “When you are a teacher you are part of something much bigger than yourself,” Sarah said.

Watch this video of Sarah Hicks to see how a second grade teacher made her feel valued and loved, and how she aspires to make her preschoolers feel loved and valued. Sarah is a Pre K teacher in Edmond and serves as the POE State President. Sarah was studying home economics and wanted to be a professional tailor, but has been a teacher since 1982. She has bachelor’s degree is in home economics with family relations and a master’s degree in elementary education. She was National Board Certified in Early Childhood in 2006.

Sharing His Love for Music with Others

Chauvin Aaron, Associate Director of Fine Arts and Bands, Ardmore City Schools

Inspired by his Aunt Evelyn to never stop learning, Chauvin Aaron wanted to create music and share his knowledge with others. Teaching is the career that paved the way for him to do both. According to Chauvin, being a music teacher is a gateway to communicate with anyone, from all walks of life. As a teacher you can go change the world, and Chauvin has certainly impacted numerous lives of students, families and community members.

Serving His Country Through Teaching

David Bounds, Little Axe High School History Teacher.

David Bounds couldn’t imagine his life without teaching. He longed to serve his country through the Marine Corps but wasn’t able to due to a medical disqualification. So he sought to find another way to serve my country in another fashion and landed on a teaching career. By never losing sight of focusing on students, David has loved his job for the entirely of his 30-year teaching career. He was named the 2019 Veterans of Foreign Wars (FWV) Teacher of the Year in Oklahoma.